Study IN Istanbul

The experience of studying abroad is more than just attending a school in a foreign country. So, when deciding where to study abroad, you should ask yourself where you wanted to live. With its cosmopolitan cities and small towns, Turkey offers a variety of cultural experiences to International students. Bringing together different cultures, religions, people, lifestyles and definitely different cuisines, with its unique location, Turkey has served as a gate to Western World for Eastern World for Western societies for centuries. Turkish Higher Education system has developed significantly in the last few decades in terms of both quality and quantity. Turkish universities now offer a rich field of choices for international students.



Living and studying in Istanbul will prove to be an experience you can never forget. The city combines centuries of history with the best of modern culture.

• Istanbul is the economic and cultural centre of Turkey

• Istanbul’s population is estimated to be 15 million people, making it also one of the largest cities in Europe and the world

• Discover world-class museums, art galleries, sport teams, and countless festivals