Neotech Campus FacILITIES


Classroom Capacities

There are 260 (two hundred and sixty) classrooms and amphitheaters that may be used by the students of Nisantası University.  The total size of these areas is 27588.74 m2 and the total seating capacity is 17.340 people.

There are 9 (nine) Architectural Drawing Studios made available to the students of the Faculty of Architecture who have education in the faculty of Engineering and Architecture of the Nisantası University. The total size of these areas is 1173 m2 and the total seating capacity is 469 people.

There are 11 (eleven) Computer Laboratories in the Nisantası University. The total size of these areas is 1118.88 m2 and the total seating capacity is 320 people.

There are 68 (sixtyeight) Engineering Laboratories in the Nisantası University. The total size of these areas is 9365.93 m2 and the total seating capacity is 1873 people.

Library Resources

Databases to which we have subscribed within the scope of EKUAL

• Academic Search Complete (Tüm Disiplinler)

• Applied Science & Business Periodicals Retrospective (Uygulamalı Bilimler, İşletme, İşletme Yönetimi)

• Applied Science & Technology Index Retrospective (Uygulamaları Bilimler ve Teknoloji)

• Business Source Complete (İktisadi ve İdari Bilimler, İşletme, Yönetim, Muhasebe, Yönetim Bilgi Sistemleri)




• DynaMed (Kanıta Dayalı Tıp, Hasta Başı Bakım)


• Education Index Retrospective: 1929 – 1983 (Eğitim Bilimleri)

• ERIC (Eğitim Bilimleri)

• European Views of the Americas: 1493-1750

• GreenFILE (Çevre)

• Humanities & Social Sciences Index Retrospective


• Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts (Kütüphanecilik, Bilgi ve Belge Yönetimi)

• Mevbank

• MasterFILE Complete (Genel İlgi Alanları)Nature Palgraye Academic Journals

• Newspaper Source Plus

• Newswires

• OVID-LWWOpen Dissertations

• PubMed İndeksi: MEDLINE (Tıp, Sağlık Bilimleri, Biyomedikal, Genetik, Kimya, Biyoloji)

• Regional Business News

• ScienceDirect

• Scopus

• Social Sciences Index Retrospective: 1907-1983

• SpringerLink

• Statista

• Teacher Reference Center

• Turnitin (İntihal Analiz)

• ULAKBİM Ulusal Veri Tabanları (UVT)

• Web News

• Web Of Knowledge

• Web of Science (Bibliyografik / Atıf)

• Vidobu Eğitim Kütüphanesi

• Taylor & Francis Online

• Emerald Premier e Journal

• iThenticate



• Wiley

• ProQuest Dissertation&Theses Global (ProQuest Tez Veritabanı)


• Nature Journals All Palgrave Macmillan Journals Academic Journals

• Social Science Index Retrospective : 1907 – 1983 Retro Index

• Vitalsource Dijital Kütüphane

In addition to these, “My Mobile Library” application which enables the library-related transactions to be carried out from mobile devices in cooperation with the Library and Procedure has been put at the disposal of our students and researchers. The users, who want to make transactions from mobile devices, are provided to access the library account by installing the “My Mobile Library” application from the Google Play Store and Apple Store. Our library also arranges working hours in accordance with the use of students in each midterm and final term.

Entrepreneurship Office

The Entrepreneurship Office, where new ideas turn into business within NishNova, is a  360° Innovation Center consisting of Technology Transfer Office, where university-industry cooperation are formed, and the Project Office, which aims to increase intra-university project culture and where the projects supported by the public primarily academicians are prepared. The NishNova Entrepreneurship Office is an early stage incubation center with joint working space located in the Maslak 1453 NeoTech Campus of the Nisantası University where necessary resources are provided to develop students’ ideas that can turn into business. At NishNova Incubation Center, activities for reuniting entrepreneurs with volunteer expert mentoring services that will contribute to the success of entrepreneurs and business networks and professional investment and venture capital institutions where potential customers having a very important role in turning the idea into business are carried out by providing necessary resources from idea to prototype, from prototype to product, from initial product sales to scaling, technical and business training and consultancy, especially the field of work and information to entrepreneurs from their experience.




List of indoor and outdoor sports fields and their size in square meters

• Basketball Court 772,45 m²

• Fitness Sport 336,28 m²


Cultural and Artistic Venues and their Size

• Summer Cinema 154.57 m²

• Nishnova 393,79 m²


List of Canteen, Cafeteria and Refectories Serving Students and Their Size in Square Meters

• Bizim Lokanta 556,88 m²

• Cafe G- 20 m²

• Migros 128.58 m²

• Starbucks 196 m²

• Kampüs Büfe 20 m²

• Mua Dondurma 20 m²

• Simit Sarayı 458 m²

• Köfteci Ramiz 20 m²

• Tostos Büfe 20 m²

• Mantıcı 20 m²

• Oses Çiğköfte 20 m²

• Pilav Evi 20 m²

Gıda Dışı Alanlar

• Vakıfbank 80 m²

• Maslak Ozalit 122,11 m²

• Golden Rose 80 m²

• TDL Türkiye Drone Ligi 80 m²