Faculty Of Economics, Administrative And Social Sciences

Having commenced its educational services with 292 students in 5 departments in the 2012-2013 academic year, the Faculty of Economic, Administrative and Social Sciences have reached the number of 2991 students in its 25 departments in the 2016-2017 academic year at a steady and successful pace.

The name of our faculty carries its purpose… We pursue the target of conveying the causes of our existence to you scientifically in accordance with the mission and vision of our university. While transferring to you the logic of strategic thinking, our limits in taking risks, the learnings of our experiences and failures which are the basic stones of success, we aim to produce the high future of Turkey through honest and industrious individuals trained here who are respectful to the society and others and sensitive to their environment and themselves and who gain work experience while having their education.

Faculty Of Engineering And Architecture

The purpose of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture is to give basic, modern and scientific information and to train them to be open to professional development by putting the emphasis on their creativity. It also aims to prepare them as individuals who keep up with the technological developments and offer solutions to the fast-growing needs of the modern societies.

In our age, just to be equipped with technical information and experience is not adequate. Whatever the professional group may be, cultural experience, aesthetics approach, interest in arts and social circumstances have become the inevitable conditions of becoming an individual and producing useful services to the society. In this context, it has become extremely important in terms of mastery of different languages, ability to express oneself, to follow the latest developments and to communicate in the international environments. It is for this reason that English courses are intensive in our syllabus.

Faculty of Art and Design

The mission of the Faculty of Art and Design is to educate creative, productive and socially conscious students. The Faculty incorporates the Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts, the Department of Graphic Design, the Department of Interior Design (Turkish/English), the Department of Communication Design, the Department of Music, Radio, Television and Cinema, the Department of Stage and Performing Arts, and the Department of Textile and Fashion Design. The Faculty offers elective courses designed to motivate students to pursue interdisciplinary studies and has double major and minor programs to increase their career opportunities. In addition, as part of the Erasmus student exchange program, our students can choose among partner universities to receive higher education and to do internships abroad.

Higher Schools

School of Physical Education and Sports

The School of Physical Education and Sports of Nisantasi University was founded in 2016 and will start to admit students with its three departments as of 2016-2017 academic year; Coaching Training, Sports Management and Recreation. Our hope and belief is that our school will take its leading place in the sector of sports in a short time.

Pursuing the policy of raising knowledgeable, cultures, healthy and character-wise individuals, the School of Physical Education and Sports aims to train well-informed and equipped students who will contribute to participatory democracy and who make honesty their own rallying cry. The young who prefer to study at the School of Physical Education and Sports are taught not only to be well-informed and equipped but also “right men”. With this intention and ideal, we put training and education in the same equation.

School of Civil Aviation

Aviation sector is a universal field of study with high standards, preparing the young for the future with its advanced technology and development. This future has a lot to do not only with the high technology and universality but also with the job facilities it offers. The School of Civil Aviation of Nisantasi University offers you a high-quality training facility with which to put this concept of future into life.

School of Applied Sciences

The School of Applied Sciences of Nisantasi University was founded in 2016 and started to admit students in three departments in 2016-17 academic year; these departments are International Trade and Business, Logistics and Tourist Guiding. The number of businesses active in international markets is increasing gradually with globalization. This increase brings some mobility and dynamism to the commercial activities on the international markets. The businesses running in international markets conduct and follow their businesses in different legal, political, cultural, technological and competitive circles. The increased volume of trade in this context and competitiveness of the businesses under the effect of external environmental factors have come to be of importance. Another important force of competition in international trade practices for the businesses is the logistic activities such as transportation, store/entrepot services, packaging, customs clearance, handling and demand management.

Vocational School

Globalization and regionalization movements, developments in the substructure of information technologies and proliferation of the use of communication means have brought a more intensive dimension to the international competition. In this regard, qualified man power has taken its place in economic life as a means of basic force of competition.

Our university started its academic activities as a vocational school. Since the first academic year we were established, we have built solution-oriented partnerships with the sector representatives and non-governmental organizations on syllabus, practice and internship plans towards the sector before admitting students to each program. These activity and productivity-based plans help our graduates to recognize the working life while having their education and to get a sustainable job after graduation.

Foreign Languages Department

The Mission of Nişantaşı University Foreign Language Department, in keeping with the mission of the university, is to deliver high-quality English Language instruction to its students who are non-native speakers of the language in a user-friendly atmosphere. Our aims are to furnish students with the essential language skills needed to pursue their studies in their subsequent departments and/or programs as well as to communicate effectively in their future social and professional lives. No matter which of the three programs a student is enrolled in, our aim as educators is to fashion the individual curriculums to meet the needs of the students.


Institute of Social Sciences

Welcome to our entrepreneurship, research and creativity based production oriented institution and Nisantasi University Family.

As Nisantasi University Social Sciences Institute, our primary goal is to educate students to become adapted to international standards and market conditions; with the postgraduate programs constantly updated by the needs of changing market conditions; the students will be graduated with having universal values, ability to question, discuss and create solution and will contribute to culture and arts. In order to achieve this goal, we are presenting programs that let students improve their knowledge and skills to answer international conditions with their academic competency. We also promise students to interact with high career professionals of relevant sectors for experience sharing with our education programs.


International Education

Nişantaşı University design and implement internationally compatible curriculums in cooperation with the business world, provide on-the-job trainings, and enrich the experiences of our students with the numerous extra-curricular activities before graduation. Being a new generation university, we firmly believe that the presence of international students on our campuses contributes much to materialization of our strategic commitments regarding academic advancement and internationalization of our University, and so we welcome international students from every corner of the world.